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Comparing UK B2B Lead Generation Companies

Lead generation, particularly in the B2B space is harder and more competitive than ever, having a reliable partner that brings in high quality leads is the lifeblood of many businesses. The great part is that there are many companies out there who can help; However, screening them out and picking up the best one might be a bit challenging.

This is why, in this article, we are going to break down and compare the 4 top B2B lead generation companies in the UK. We will then demonstrate why DealGate is your best choice.

What are we looking for?

  • Data Quality: Contact information is up-to-date and of high quality.
  • Ability to scale: The capability to handle your lead generation needs as they grow.
  • Integration: A system can easily integrate into your current CRM and marketing tools.
  • Customer Support: A support staff is very responsive and can answer all of your questions.


Now, let's analyse the leading players in the B2B lead generation domain. Cognism, provides a sales acceleration platform which uses AI to generate compliant contact data, perfect for sales and marketing teams.


Data enhancement powered by AI, compliance with GDPR, high targeting accuracy.


May come at a high cost for small companies, has a convoluted interface for newcomers.

Lead Forensics

The company Lead Forensics was founded to provide valuable prospect information to businesses through website visitor tracking. Our company enables clients to identify the businesses that looked at their website, gain key intelligence on their needs, experiences and preferences in real time to transform their lead generation and marketing effectiveness. Their system not only assists companies uncover the identity of their unknown website prospects but also lengthen the number of web leads companies can turn into paying customers.

Lead Forensics is a tool that helps identify visitors to your website. It provides contact information of those potential leads.


Ideal for distinguishing interested sales prospects who visit your site and elaborate visitor ideas.


Focused primarily on website visitors, not ideal for wider lead generation requirements, higher price point.


Albacross passes all test cases, Albacross allows you to identify the organisations visiting your site and offers lead generation resources based on that information.


Convenient to utilise, effectively meshes with other marketing tools. Cons to using this type of software is that you are limited to the visitors on your website, and the accuracy of the data can vary.


Extensive targeting options that can be tailored to your needs, reliable and recent data, competitive pricing adapted to all business sizes, easy integration with all major CRMs and excellent customer service.


Despite making quick progress in its development, this company is still the newbie in the industry. Based on a comparison of these leading firms, it is evident that DealGate emerges as the leading choice for various reasons. Precise Targeting: With DealGate, you get to tell us exactly who you aim your message at, so that we can get it to the people who will make the buying decisions.


Get data that is of the highest quality. DealGate gives you access to data that is accurate and up-to-date. Scalability is another point that I think is important to mention and DealGate has that in spades. Whether you’re trying to generate leads for a small campaign or you’re running a massive operation, DealGate scales up or down in order to fit what you need. It’s just designed that way.

Integration is simple:

DealGate comes together easily with all your favourite CRMs and also marketing tools, to diminish although any kind of surface dysfunction but as a result only production.

Exceptional Support:

At DealGate, they take pride in the fact that they provide unmatched customer support. To ensure the growth and success of your business, the process of selecting the right B2B lead generation company is critical. While there are numerous great alternatives in the market, DealGate is surely the one to go with because it provides an unsurpassed targeting option, high-quality data, scalability, ease of integration and exceptional support.

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